Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Publix paid $8.93 saved $100.22!

1 gallon milk, 4 Totino's pizzas, 6 Hunts tomato sauce, 2 V-8 Fusion juice, 2 V-8 Fusion+tea, 5 boxes Betty Crocker supreme brownie mix, 4 Progresso bread crumbs, 5 Chef Boyardee, 6 bags Goodlife cat food, 2 Bertolli pasta sauce, 3 bottles Vitamin B-12, 1 Italian 5 grain baguette, 6 cans Green Giant Vegetables



  1. 2-.75 cents off 2 totinos pizza (printable)
    1-$1 off any dairy product (publix baby club)
    1-$1/4 hunts tomato (publix)
    1-$1.50 off bread from bakery when you buy 6
    hunts products (publix)
    1-$1/4 Green giant (publix)
    3-$3 off Sundown vitamins (publix green adv.
    3-$1 off sundown (newspaper)
    1-$1/4 Progresso items
    1-$2/5 Chef Boyardee (publix printable)
    1-.35/3 chef boyardee (newspaper)
    6-$1.50 off Goodlife cat food
    1- $1/2 V-8 Fusion juice
    2-$1 V-8 Fusion+Tea
    5- .50 cents off Betty Crocker supreme brownies
    5-$1 Betty Crocker Supreme brownies (Publix)
    1-$1/2 Barilla pasta sauce (target printable)
    1-$1.50/2 Barilla pasta sauce (newspaper)
    1-$5 off 20 products listed (progresso,
    totinos, green giant, hunts) (publix)
    1-$10 off $40 purchase from Sweetbay
    (competitor publix will accept)
    **last but not least I used a $4 RR from walgreens. I had $6 more in RR's to use but felt bad it was so low that I just sucked it up and paid the $8 bucks lol


  2. You are lucky that your stores takes in more than one competitor coupon. My store will allow only one. Next time I go I'll double-check with customer service rep and see if the policy has been changed or not.
    Great job on your shopping trip...


  3. Edie, I did not use more than one competitor coupon. Please clarify what you mean. When I used Target coupon on Barilla sauce that is only store coupon I used. I did not stack it with another store. The Sweetbay $10 off $40 is a store coupon and I did not stack it with another store coupon.


  4. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought you used $10 off $40 purchase from Sweetbay and $4 RR from Walgreens in one transaction?

  5. Yes I did but the RR is not a competitor coupon it is a manufacturer's coupon for $4 off any purchase. Publix does not accept Walgreen's store coupons as they do not consider them as a competitor. Hope that clears up any confusion! If your store won't take RR's speak to a manager bc they are CLEARLY MARKED MANUFACTURER COUPON!

    (I have no idea how to post as me only as anonymous lol)