Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fwd: From Brandy Wilson Publix cost 40 cents!


Fwd: FWD:

Deaf woman who took our class. Just sent this! Yippie

Monday, January 24, 2011

1/23/11 Walgreens Pedia Care Medicine deal

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People who don't believe you can save money. Here is Stephanie's buy yesterday 1-23-11

57 items at 32 cents each! saved 85 %
1 Loaf Publix bread
2 bags Halls Cough Drops
3 boxes Special K cereal
5 boxes Kelloggs new Crunchy Nut cereal
2 boxes Kellogs CornFlakes cereal
6 boxes Pop Tarts 4 boxes Quaker Instant Oatmeal
2 boxes Kotex Tampons
2 packs Kotex pads
1 can Maxwell House Coffee1
2 Idahoan Mashed Potato
2 boxes Taco Bell dinner kits
4 Country Crock margarine
6 Kraft Homestyle Mac-n-Cheese
4 packs Yo Plus yogurt
2 packs Kozy Shackk pudding
6 jars Vlassic Pickles
1 Franks Hot sauce
1 jar Mezzetta Sweet Peppers
1 box Barley
4 pints Whole Fruit Sorbet
2 bottles Crisco oil
4 cans Hunts diced tomatos
5 packs Borden sliced american cheese
2 packs Buddig honey ham
Total 101.88
paid 18.67
saved 85%

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